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COVID-19 Financial Assistance


If you find yourself adversely impacted financially by this global crisis, let us know.

We have taken several steps to help alleviate financial strain for our members:

  1. Hardship Loan – take advantage of a short-term, reduced rate loan to temporarily cover necessary expenses¹.  Apply for a hardship loan.
  2. Skip-a-Pay – the standard $35 fee has been waived to take advantage of our loan skip-a-pay program.  For information on eligibility, or to request to skip a loan payment, click here.
  3. Loan Forbearance / Modification – if you are unable to make an upcoming loan payment, please give us a call to discuss.  We have a variety of options that may work for your situation. 
  4. ATM Fees – the $2 that we charge when using an out-of-network ATM has been waived.  Surcharges at out-of-network terminals still apply.  Visit CO-OP ATM Locator to find your nearest surcharge free ATM. 

Representatives are available to help – call us at 845-602-4242 or send us a secure message.

¹Harship loan is for a maximum of $10,000 with a maximum term of 36 months. Existing Palisades’ loans cannot be refinanced.  Approval is subject to Lender’s credit criteria, certain conditions and restrictions apply.

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