Privacy Statement

Palisades Federal Credit Union (PFCU) has strict security policies and we value each member's privacy. We receive nonpublic personal information about you from the following sources:

  • information we receive from you on applications or other forms
  • information about your transactions with us and our affiliates
  • information we receive from a consumer-reporting agency

Furthermore, State and Federal Law obligates us to the following:

That "officers, directors, members of committees and employees of this credit union shall hold in confidence all transactions of this credit union with its members and all information respecting their personal affairs, except to the extent deemed necessary by the board in connection with:

(a) The making of loans and extending lines of credit.
(b) The collection of loans.
(c) The guarantee of member share drafts by third parties. *

Federal law protects the information that PFCU provides to credit reporting agencies and use of your information is strictly governed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

The previous paragraph therefore restricts access to your nonpublic, personal information to those staff and PFCU principals who need to know that information to provide products or services to you.

If you then decide to terminate your membership or become an inactive member, we will adhere to the privacy policies and practices as described in this notice.

From time to time PFCU may provide your name and address to companies that perform marketing or other services on our behalf, as permitted by law, so that they may contact you directly regarding either life insurance policies or on other products and services we may be offering. To protect our members' privacy, we only work with companies that agree to maintain strong confidentiality protections. We do not permit these companies to sell information that we provide to them to other third parties.

Internet security, like encryption and "firewalls," protect our Web and Home Banking sites. When visiting our site your personal information is never retained other than as statistical data for internal reporting purposes only.

If you have provided personal identifying information via- e-mail, applied for a loan on-line, or added your name and address to our e-mail contact list, the information will only be used to either communicate with you directly, or to handle your request. The information contained on any site to which you link from our site is solely the responsibility of the provider of that website.


* Section 2, Palisades Federal Credit Union's by-laws.

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