Personal Loans

Personal Loans

A Personal Loan requires only your signature and good credit. Apply and borrow up to $30,000, repayable at a competitive rate with flexible terms for whatever you need. There are no limits on what you use your loan for and there is no security required. 

Secured Loans (Savings, Term Certificate)

Save money by borrowing against your savings or term certificate of deposit. It is a great way to borrow without depleting your savings or redeeming your certificates.

A Savings-Secured Personal Loan is a loan that is secured in full by the cash in your primary savings account. By using your savings as collateral on a loan you can enjoy much lower interest rates than with most conventional bank loans. The Savings-Secured loan is also a good way to establish a credit history without depleting your hard-earned savings. Your account continues to build dividends during the life of the loan, and as you pay down the loan balance, your funds become available to you.

A Certificate-Secured Personal Loan uses your term certificates as collateral for the loan, as they continue to earn dividends. Similarly, this loan features lower monthly payments than a conventional loan.

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Automatic Loan Payment

Loan payments can be made automatically with payroll deduction at no extra charge. If your employer does not offer payroll deduction, ask us about our automatic transfer option.

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