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5 Ways To Save In College

5 Ways To Save In College 9/11/2017

College is quite an expense and tuition is only one part of that.

You also need to consider room and board, books, food, and more but don’t let that discourage you! There are plenty of ways to cut costs and save. Keep more money in your wallet by trying these five ways to save in college.

  1. Create A Budget

Creating a budget (and sticking to it!) can allow you to track expenses and see where you’re currently spending your money in order to identify areas you can improve on.

  1. Use Student Discounts

There are a number of businesses that offer student discounts. Students usually have access to discounted software and technology through their university. You can also save on insurance, cell phone plans, movie tickets, retail shops, restaurants, event tickets, and more.

  1. Student Housing

Housing is one of the largest expenses for people of all ages. Be sure to shop around and compare. Most student apartment complexes offer competitive rates and include paid utilities. They also tend to be on the school’s bus route. Look into student housing in your area.

  1. Rent, Don’t Buy Your Textbooks

Books are not cheap. You may spend upwards of $200 on a single book just to use it for one semester. Renting books can be a cost-effective option; use sites like Chegg, Bookrenter, and Amazon to check book availability and compare rental prices.

  1. Watch Out For Bank Fees

Small fees add up over time. According to one recent study, people spend $290 each year on average on bank fees. How can you save? Switch to a local credit union that offers free monthly checking accounts. Credit unions often offer better interest rates on loans and higher interest rates on savings accounts! Learn more about the benefits of joining a credit union.


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