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Get Organized with Palisades CU

Get Organized with Palisades CU1/17/2018

This year Palisades CU can help you get — and stay — organized!

Our online and mobile banking system was designed for people that are always on the go, like you! If you enroll in online banking you will you have less errands to run, less paper cluttering your house, and fewer due dates to remember every month. If you’re ready to have peace of mind when it comes to your finances read more about how online banking and all the services it comes with was made for you!

  1. E-Statements
    If you find yourself buried in a pile of paper statements every month, you can enroll in our e-statements. E-statements have plenty of benefits over paper statements. You can also create budgets, set goals and see real time account balances online! They can help keep your home free of clutter, are more easily searchable with the search function on computers, and they’re also good for the environment!
  2. Online Bill Pay
    When you enroll in e-statements, it makes sense to enroll in online bill pay at the same time. When you enroll you’ll be able to pay your bills all from one place, so no more visiting multiple websites or post office trips. This cuts down on the paper statements around your house, keeping track of check books, stamps and envelopes, or remembering to call to pay your bills on their due date every month.
  3. Automate Paying Your Bills
    Take your organization one-step further and set-up automatic monthly payments. No more paper statements, no more remembering to schedule your payment, no more penalties! You can have total peace of mind knowing your bills are paid on time every month, with no extra effort on your part. Just set it up once and you’re done!

Have you registered for online banking yet? If not, what are you waiting for? Go to our website and click ‘sign-up for online banking’ right from our homepage to get started!

Enjoying online banking? Check out these tips for safely managing your financial accounts online. 

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