Business Products & Service Fees

Cash and Check Services Fee
Official Bank Checks $8.00 per check
Collections Domestic/Foreign $25.00 per item
Night Depository Tampered Evidence Bag 20% markup per 100 bags
Non-Proprietary ATM Transactions $2.00 per item
Dormant Account under $300.00 (no activity 2 year) $10.00/quarter
Account Information Services Fee
Accountants Letter of Confirmation $25.00 per letter
Account Reconciliation $25.00 per hour
Business Checking
Minimum average daily balance of $5,000.00 to avoid fee
monthly maintenance fee of $15.00
Business Premier Checking
Minimum average daily balance of $15,000 to avoid fee
monthly maintenance fee of $25.00
Online Banking $3.00 per month
EPay electronic bill payment service $6.95 per month
Statement Copy $5.00 per occurrence
Inactive Account (under $300 after 24 months of inactivity) $5.00 per month
Legal Processing $75.00 per request
Other Account Services Fee
Notary Public Free
Incoming Wire  $15.00 per wire
Outgoing Wire (Domestic) $25.00 per wire
Outgoing Wire (Foreign) $60.00 per wire
Stop Payments $35.00 per item
Returned Deposits $15.00 per item
Overdraft/Returned/Uncollected/ACH return items $35.00 per item
Daily charge After Overdrawn $25.00
Overdraft protection Fee $10.00 per transfer
Closing Account Within 6 months of Opening $25.00
Sweep Account Services Free
Research On Accounts $25.00 per hour
Replacement/Debit Card/Re-Pin Card $5.00 per card

Fees and charges are based upon a monthly billing and crediting cycle. For complete details on any account please ask your Financial Sales Representative.

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