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Drive Away With A Low Rate

Drive Away With A Low Rate4/13/2017

Drive Away With A Low Rate And More Benefits!

Once you've found the vehicle that fits your needs, make sure your auto loan is also a perfect fit. Learn if the Flex Auto Saver Loan from Palisades Credit Union is right for you!

Contrary to what many people think, car dealerships are not the only places that offer auto leasing. Before you decide to go with the dealership’s lease option, calculate your Flex Auto Saver Payment! Like a lease, Flex Auto Saver offers payments considerably lower than conventional financing on your new or preowned vehicle. Yet, unlike leasing, you own the vehicle and receive all of the flexibility and benefits of vehicle ownership!

Auto Leasing vs. Purchasing

With a vehicle lease you have the car for a set number of months (the average is 37) and the end of the final month the borrower returns the car to the lender or takes out a loan to finance the remaining balance. Vehicle leases offer great benefits, especially if you drive a consistent number of miles each year, need to have a newer car that requires low maintenance, or like to change cars every few years.

Flex Your Spending Power

Not sure if leasing a vehicle is right for you? The Flex Auto Saver loan combines the best benefits of both a lease and a purchase loan to put you in the driver’s seat!

With the Flex Auto Saver loan, you will enjoy considerably lower financing rates compared to a conventional auto loan and no application fee to get started. After a few years, if you decide you want to sell, trade or purchase the vehicle you can! Or if you decide that you want to get a new car, you can return your current leased vehicle at loan maturity and simply walk away.

Calculate Your Options

Finding the perfect car may be hard, but finding the best auto loan to meet your needs is not with our online calculator! Simply enter the vehicle year, make, model and style and compare the cost of the Flex Auto Save Loan to a conventional loan payment to see which option is right for you!

You should also weigh your options when considering whether to buy a new or used car. Read more about buying a used car. 

Looking for the best auto loans in Nanuet New City or Orangeburg? Apply online now for a Flex Auto Saver loan from Palisades CU and drive away with a super low auto loan rate! Find more tips and information by following Palisades Credit Union! Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn.

Palisades CU provides auto financing and other financial services to eligible members in Rockland and Bergen County. Other vehicle loans include RV financing, camper loans, and motor home loans. 

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