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Palisades has some big changes coming for our card-carrying members. We are teaming up with Master Card for our debit card services.  At the begining of April, we will be sending out new Palisades Master Card Debit Cards to replace our Visa Debit Cards. To avoid any delays in receiving your new card, please update your address and contact information. The most convenient way to update your information is when you are logged into online banking. Simply click on the Profile tab and you will be able to see what is currently on file and make updates 24/7. Please make updates prior to 3/22/19 to ensure you receive your card at the proper address.

Important Dates

Early April – PFCU Master Card Debit cards have been issued to replace any open/active PFCU Visa Debit cards. When your new card is received, call the number on the sticker to activate card and set your PIN number. Once that is complete, destroy your Visa Debit card and begin using your new Master Card for every day transactions.

5/14/19 – The last day to use your Visa Debit card. New Master Cards should be received and activated to avoid card declines.

5/15/19 – Visa Debit cards will no longer be honored for transactions. You must use your new Palisades Master Card Debit Card for all transactions.

With this change comes additional benefits to make your purchase experience more convenient and secure. These benefits will allow you to shop efficiently and securely as well as alert you faster in case possible fraudulent transactions are detected.

Card Updates

Card Valet
Master Card Debit Cardholders will be able to receive fraud alerts via text messaging. Simply download our Card Valet app to receive fraud alerts via text and to customize your card settings. You can establish transaction limits, restrict certain transaction types, schedule alerts based on criteria you choose, allow transactions in certain locations** and turn your card “off” if fraud is suspected or if you lost your card.

MasterCard Benefits
Carrying Master Card has its own benefits. You already enjoy these benefits on your PFCU Master Card Credit Card, now you will be able to experience them on your PFCU Master Card Debit Card! A guide to benefits with details will be included with your new card. Some benefits include:

  • MasterCard ID Theft Protection
  • Extended Warranty
  • Price Protection
  • MasterCard Airport Concierge

Coming Soon!
Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay


**You must still contact PFCU and provide travel information when traveling overseas. Card valet not available for Palisades Platinum card. All Palisades visa debit cards are scheduled to be shut down and will no longer be active for purchases, payments, or ATM transactions on Tuesday April 23.

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