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Regulation D

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Regulation D

Palisades Credit Union is required to follow regulations set forth by the Federal Reserve Bank. Regulation D governs the amount of reserves that a financial institution must set aside based on deposit accounts.

The following transactions can be performed from your share or money market account but are limited to a maximum of six total transactions (any combination) per account, during a calendar month due to the requirements of Regulation D.

  • Online Banking Transfers
  • Phone and email transfers
  • Overdraft transfers from a savings to a checking account
  • Pre-authorized or automatic transfers
  • TAP transfers
  • Automated Clearing House (ACH) transfers

How to avoid Regulation D Fees

  1. Make recurring and non-recurring payments from your checking account.
  2. Set up transfers from your checking account to your other accounts.
  3. Keep a set balance in your checking account to reduce the number of overdrafts from savings.
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