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Youth Accounts

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Youth Accounts

At Palisades Credit Union we want members of all ages to benefit from our products and services. In addition to our regular membership accounts, we offer exclusive youth accounts to members up to age 24.

Our youth accounts are broken out into different products based on age:

  • Kids Savings Account – Ages 10 and under1
  • Teen Savings Account – Ages 11-151
  • Young Adult Savings Account – Ages 16-242
  • Young Adult Checking Account – Ages 16-24 2

Youth Accounts

  • 1.50% APY3 on balances up to $2,000 in the Youth Savings Accounts
  • Young Adult Accounts are eligible for ATM card / Debit Card

1Minors under 16 will need a joint owner to open a membership.

2Minors 16+ will not need a joint owner as long as they have Government Issued Photo Identification. Proof of address will still be required.

3Annual Percentage Yield (APY) effective 4/25/2016 and is subject to change without notice. Additional verification may be requested for account opening. Program terms subject to change. 1.50% APY is earned on balances up to $2,000, balances in excess of $2,000 will earn 0.04% APY. Each dividend rate will apply only to that portion of the account balance within each balance range. $5 minimum balance to open. Fees or other conditions could reduce earnings. At the age of 25, savings accounts are automatically converted to basic savings account and checking accounts are automatically converted to an adult checking account. Membership conditions apply. No minimum balance to earn APY.

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