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Missed the FASFA deadline?

Missed the FASFA deadline?7/17/2017

Missed the FASFA Deadline? You Still Have Options!

Paying for college can be overwhelming and if you are looking for financial aid to help pay for school, staying on top of all those deadlines can be even more so. Besides keeping track of college application deadlines, scholarship deadlines, and financial aid deadlines, you also need to keep track of the special requirements for each one. It can be difficult to keep it all straight when you have so much going on.

For most students, starting the financial aid process begins with completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online. FAFSA is a nationally used tool that helps determine what your family will be expected to contribute toward your education and how much you may be eligible to receive in loans.

It is imperative that you meet FAFSA and school deadlines for the best outcome. If your FAFSA is late, it could reduce or eliminate the amount of money you are eligible to receive from your school or federal loans. If this happens, you’ll have to investigate an alternative to Federal student loans. If you have not filled out the FAFSA by the deadline, don’t worry! You still have options. Read on to learn more.

Apply For a Private Loan

The deadline for federal financial aid is different from that of private loan applications. If you’ve missed the FAFSA deadline, you can apply for financial aid from a private institution, like a credit union. At Palisades CU, we offer competitive student loan rates with many benefits including:

  • Competitive interest rates
  • Credit & Academic based underwriting
  • 1% interest rate reduction based on payment history
  • Cosigner Release
  • .25% interest rate reduction when you sign up for automatic payments
  • No origination fee for all student borrowers

Not only can we help finance upcoming education expenses, we can also help consolidate existing student loans. Contact us today to learn more or apply online now for quick approval!

Read more about student loan options. 

Apply For Year-Round Scholarships

There is a common misconception that scholarships are not available year-round but that’s not the case! You should always be on the lookout for scholarship opportunities, and note that deadlines run throughout the calendar year. Free online sites like College Raptor can help you find cost estimates, acceptance odds, and potential financial aid for schools around the US all year long.

Apply Again Next Year

If you missed the FASFA deadline this year, the worst-case scenario is you have to wait and apply again next year. Make sure you bookmark the date so you do not make the same mistake again next year. When the following January rolls around, take the stress off next year’s finances and make sure to beat the due date by getting in your application early.

Need to apply for student loans in Rockland or Bergen County? Apply online for a student loan from Palisades CU. You can also visit any of our convenient locations in Nanuet, Orangeburg or New City and a member of our lending team can assist you with your application. Learn more about our student loans program. 

View current student loan rates in Rockland and Bergen Counties. 

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