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Travel Tips

Travel Tips11/9/2016

Five Travel Tips to Help Make Vacation a Breeze

  1. Sign up for Online Banking

While traveling you can monitor your accounts from anywhere! Download the Palisades CU mobile app to check your balances on the go. It takes minutes to sign up! Learn more about safely managing your finances online. 

  1. Sign up for Bill Pay.

Don’t miss any payments while you are away. You can easily set up automatic payments for bills online to avoid any late fees.

  1. Notify the Credit Union about travel plans.

Make sure Palisades CU knows when and where you are traveling so that you can continue to use your cards securely while on vacation. Palisades CU wants to ensure your accounts are secure. When unusual account activity is seen, it may be flagged as fraud to protect you. Give us a call at 845-602-4242 or send us a secure message through Online Banking to inform us of any travel plans

  1. Put a hold on your mail.

Identify theft could be a problem especially when you are away on vacation. Those looking for a way in, will notice your overflowing mailbox and might just take a peek at your financial statements. Make sure to put your mail on hold so it is held securely at the post office until you are back from vacation.

  1. Check out our ATM and Branch Locator.

Avoid fees while you are away. Make sure to use our website locator to find the nearest shared branches or in network ATMs while on vacation. And remember, as long as you qualify in your Kasasa Rewards Checking account, you will be reimbursed up to $25* for any out of network ATM fees nationwide.

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