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Why has the check I've written become an electronic transaction?

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Why has the check I've written become an electronic transaction?

In some cases a check you write can be negotiated as an electronic transaction.

One way this happens is when the merchant who accepts your check asks for your permission to process your check electronically. If you agree, the merchant will then run your check through electronic scanning equipment and will hand you back your check as your receipt. In this case, the money has been directly taken out of your checking account, electronically.

Another way in which an electronic transaction may result from a written check is if your check is returned. In this situation, the merchant can reprocess your check, plus any fees you have incurred electronically. In this case the merchant is not required to ask for your permission.

Either way your hand written check has now become an electronic transaction. Please be advised that this is now considered a permissible transaction and checks processed in this fashion are governed under Regulation E. 

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