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Debit Card Features & CardValet

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Check out the new features below that are now offered with our MasterCard debit cards!  

Ever had a purchase blocked becuase it was deemed suspicious?  While this can be frustrating if it is a false alarm, it can be lifesaving if the transaction was actually fraudulent.  You can now receive real-time text notifications to a mobile device1 from our Fraud Department if a suspicious transaction is attempted or processed with your debit card.  These notifications will help us quickly contact you and take necessary next steps to ensure the protection of your account.

Download the CardValet app from the Apple App Store or Google Play to take advantage of additional features available with your debit card:

  • Protect Yourself - get mobile alerts whenever your card is used
  • Track Card Use - review card usage history and transaction details
  • Set Limits - set customized purchase controls to help manage spending
  • Manage Your Card - turn your card on/off if card is lost or stolen

CardValet Quick Reference Guide

1 Data charges may apply.  Check with your mobile carrier for details.

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