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Credit Card Upgrade

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Important Credit Card Upgrade Information

Benefits of the upgrade include easier access to transaction history, real time payments, and electronic statements all in one place.

  • The terms of our credit card agreement are not changing.
  • Your credit card statement will have a new look starting with your July 2023 statement.
  • If you have already opted in to eStatements for your regular member statements, then you will be automatically opted in for credit card Statements.
  • If you are not currently opted in to receive Statements for your MasterCard, we recommend opting in prior to the upgrade to help provide seamless access to your statements.
  • Moving forward, your credit card history will be viewable in Online/Mobile Banking under Loans
  • Reward points cannot be earned or redeemed from 6/27/23 to 7/31/23.
  • All online and phone services will be unavailable from 5:00 PM on 7/14/23 until 8:00 AM on 7/15/23

Credit Card Payment Information

  • Beginning on 7/15/23, online credit card payments can be made in Online Banking by selecting Transfer & Payment. Online payments will process immediately.
  • Mail-in payments starting on 7/1/23 will need to be mailed to Palisades Credit Union, 16 Orangetown Center, Orangeburg, NY 10962.
  • If Bill Pay is set up for your credit card payments, you will want to update the address to Palisades Credit Union, 16 Orangetown Center, Orangeburg, NY 10962 prior to 7/1/23.
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