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Money Market Accounts

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Money Market Accounts

Palisades Credit Union Money Market Accounts are similar to a savings account but typically earns a higher yield. The advantage is that you can write a limited number of checks. Our money market account is structured in tiers that provide room for growth. Dividend earnings increase with each level. Money market accounts are easily accessible and secure.

Money Market Account Features:

  • Low minimum balance of $2,5001
  • Tiered Dividend Rates
  • Ability to transfer funds automatically from your account.
  • Six withdrawal/transfer allowances per month.2
  • Ability to receive account activity notifications through Online Banking

1 A monthly fee of $20.00 is imposed if the daily balance on your tiered money market account falls below $2,500. Fees could reduce earnings on the account.
2 All withdrawals, including checks, are subject to certain Regulation D limitations. All transactions are subject to the Truth in Savings Disclosure & Account Agreement

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