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How to Set Up Direct Deposit

How to Set Up Direct Deposit12/28/2016

Direct Deposit is a free service that automatically deposits recurring income into your checking or savings account.

Palisades CU members can save a trip to our offices and set up direct deposit. Have funds sent directly to your checking account or savings account. 

Types of deposits that qualify include: salary from your employer, Social Security, pension, retirement plans, the Armed Forces, VA benefits, and annuity or dividend payments.

If your employer or agency offers Direct Deposit, you just need to follow these easy steps.

  1. Ask your employer or agency for the form to set up Direct Deposit
  2. You will provide them with Palisades CU’s routing #: 221979101 and your account number will be your member number.
  3. Select the account you have at Palisades to deposit your income. Make sure to select a type of account that you already have (checking or savings).

Direct deposit is available for our Palisades CU savings account, and all checking accounts, including:

Make sure to monitor your account to verify the deposit went into effect.

Managing your bank accounts online? Check out these tips for safely managing your finances online. 

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