Savings Account

This is the initial account you open to become a member. An initial deposit of $5.00 is all you will need to give you access to all of our products and services.

Money Market Account

A money market account typically earns a higher yield than savings or checking, yet offers many of the same conveniences of each. Our money market account is structured in tiers that provide room for growth. Dividend earnings increase with each level. Investments start at $2,500. Money market accounts are easily accessible and secure.


Earn higher-yielding dividends with certificates. Invest as little as $500 and choose from a variety of terms. It's a convenient, safe way to maximize your savings. Plus, if you open either a CD or IRA with an initial balance equal to or greater than $50,000.00 you will receive a rate of one tenth of a point (.10) higher than the posted rate.

Step-Up Certificates

A flexible way to save. The PFCU step-up certificates are for 24, 36 or 60 months and they allow you to increase your rate once during its term. So, if rates increase, step-up certificates will help your money earn more. PFCU also offers step-up IRA term certificates with the same feature to move the rate up once during its term.

Lucky Savers

Lucky Savers is a share certificate account that allows you to save money over a year while earning entries to win cash prizes. A $25 deposit earns you an entry to win monthly prizes. Meet with one of our representatives to learn more!

IRA Accounts (Individual Retirement Account)

An IRA is very important because Social Security and Pension Benefits are not intended to provide all of your retirement income. We offer several types of IRAs to satisfy your individual needs.

Traditional IRA

A simple way to save for retirement. The traditional IRA is a tax-deferred savings account. This means that the earnings generated by a traditional IRA are free of income tax until the funds are withdrawn. Additionally, contributions into a traditional IRA may be tax deductible.

Roth IRA

Unlike a traditional IRA, where your earnings are tax deferred, the earnings from a Roth IRA can be tax free. Deposits into a Roth IRA are non-deductible and qualify for distributions if funds in your Roth have met a five-year holding period and the distribution is made for one of the following reasons: (1) you have reached age 59, (2) you have become disabled, (3) you are a first time home buyer, or (4) upon your death.

Coverdell Education Savings Account

A great opportunity to save for higher education costs, since all dividends earned and withdrawals can be taken tax free (age restrictions apply on withdrawals).

Special Savings Account

This savings account is available in addition to your membership savings account. Put money aside for any reason. Taxes, a new car, unexpected bills. The special savings has no set term, earns dividends, has a low minimum balance of $5.00.

Holiday Club Account

This account is specifically designed to help you meet your Holiday spending needs. It's extra savings that you can either deposit directly at the branch, have automatically deducted from pay, or you can use the TAP Audio Response System to transfer the funds yourself. On November 1st of each year, the holiday club account matures and the balance of the account is deposited into your savings account.

Vacation Club Account

Give yourself the vacation of your dreams. Set up a vacation club account and you can either deposit money when you get a little extra or have funds automatically deducted from pay or another account. Dividends are earned on all vacation club funds and you can withdraw the money when you need it.

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