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Mystery Shopper Scam

Mystery Shopper Scam8/12/2016

Palisades Federal Credit Union is aware that there is a Mystery Shopper Scam that utilizes fraudulent credit union checks with our logo and credit union information.

Letters are being sent welcoming people to the Mystery Shopper program. Recipients are asked to deposit the fraudulent check into their bank accounts. After completing a few assignments, they are told to keep a set amount as their payment for completing the mystery shop assignments and to send the rest back to the sender.

If you receive an invitation from a Mystery Shopping company,

  • DO NOT deposit the check. Legitimate companies will not pay you in advance and ask you to send money back to them.
  • Verify the company information.
  • If it sounds too good to believe, it usually is.

If you have received one of these letters, we ask that you contact us so that we can continue our investigation with the appropriate authorities. You may give us a call at 845-602-4242.

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