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Save on Your Heating Bill With These Tips!

Save on Your Heating Bill With These Tips!12/5/2018

Are you looking to cut costs this holiday season?

Or did you just have sticker shock the last time you opened your heating bill? No matter what your reason, you can save money on your monthly heating bill with these tips.

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Lower Your Water Heater

While you may notice if you move the thermostat a few degrees, you probably won’t notice if you lower your hot water heater. Lowering your water heater from 140 degrees to 120 degrees can save you a few bucks every month!

Check for and Fix Drafts

If you suspect your windows or doors are letting in air you can use a candle or match to confirm your suspicions. Light a candle and put it near doorjambs and windows. If smoke blows horizontally, and not vertically, use caulking or weather-stripping to stop hot air from escaping. You could also consider adding more insulation to your home.

Inspect Your Heater

Brave the elements to check your outside unit does not have anything draped over it. Clear the unit of any debris, like dirt, leaves and lawn clippings. These all may have gotten lodged there over the year and will make your heater less effective! Check your indoor unit for any signs of excess water, this could mean the condensate pan and drain are blocked.

Use Your Home’s Heat

Take advantage of activities that generate heat, like cooking a meal or taking a shower. Don’t turn on your kitchen or bath ventilation fan during or after these activities. Instead let the warm air circulate in your home!

The winter and holiday season can be hard on your wallet, but PCU is here to help. Read more about winterizing your home. Use these tips to save money on your heating bill, and check out some of our other resources on budgeting for the holidays. We also can help with personal loans that can be used for a number of things, like adding insulation to your home, or covering the cost of a new heater!

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